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Chiang Mai tour private tour

private Chiangmai tour and northern Thailand

- Unique Private Tour programs In Chiang Mai.

- Off-The-Beaten-Path Private Chiang Mai Tour.

- Customize private tour suite on you for real local Experience

Reasonable Private Chiang Mai Tour price!!

private Chiangmai tour and northern Thailand
private Chiangmai tour and northern Thailand
private Chiangmai tour and northern Thailand
private Chiangmai tour and northern Thailand
private Chiangmai tour and northern Thailand
private Chiangmai tour and northern Thailand
private Chiangmai tour and northern Thailand

Sawasdee krub may i introduce myself

My name is Jack or Nattawut Areepunth. I am a local private tour guide in Chiang Mai. I believe most of the people found me from Trip Advisor. I love Buddhist teachings and beliefs. I am story-teller and you will listen to countless exciting stories about the history of Chiang Mai, temple, beliefs, and wisdom of local people, craftsmen workshops, Pre-historic remains and any other places of interest of northern Thailand. If you looking for a good holiday please email me. Which day you are here? What you interesting to do in Chiang Mai? Do you have your plan or would you like me to help you plan your holidays? In 2019, I have my team( who have the same attitude as me, love to help and service people) and I hope you will trust me to arrange your holidays. All the tours I provide are flexible, which means that I will be glad to accommodate you by all means.
Get Blessed by the Monk

Get Blessed by the Monk at Doi Suthep temple

Why do you want to visit Chiang Mai?

  • At here I can show you Lanna kingdom culture (the old name kingdom of northern Thailand).

  • learn multi-culture from the ethnic group or hill tribes. Who are the hill tribes of Thailand? They are ethnic minority groups who migrated from China, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam came to settle in northern Thailand, several hundred years ago.

  • Elephant care in good condition of living. We go to learn about the history of elephants and their behavior. We Feeding, touching, and playing with elephants with NO RIDING!! We can bathe them in a river and taking a mud spa with the elephants

  • Chiang Mai is surrounding with the mountain by mountains range and plateaus. Here is the best city for breathing fresh air with a beautiful view of many famous mountains in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is full of natural attractions especially, “Doi” meaning “mountain” in the Northern Thai. The perfect time to travel Chiang Mai’s mountains is in the winter around November to February to see a glorious view of the mountain covered with beautiful mist. 

Why we do an only private tour?
      We focus only on private because it makes sure we can make you happy. We can help arrange a budget tour or join in a group tour but we know how long they have to pick up many people in many places at least 4 places and how many people in one van normally 14 people.

Why do you want to use our service?

  • private Chiangmai tour and northern Thailand

    private Chiang Mai tour and northern Thailand

    This is a personal website of guide jack, I have some review 4 and 5 stars on trip adviser, people give me the good review, not because of I good English speaker or very knowledge but I am a good service mind local guide in Chiang Mai.

  • We don’t take you to eat buffet tourist restaurant only eat at local place nice- clean- simple but good condition.

  • We love our job and love to talk and interact with our client.

  • I work with one of my friends, please forgive us if we not available.



Where you can do tours in Northern Thailand?

  •  Chiang Mai

  • Chiang Rai

  • Mae Hong Son  

  • Phayao

  • Lampang

  • Lamphun

We can customized trip and make sure it is suited for your memorable experiences. 

We know where is real Chiang Mai, where you will see beautiful multi-culture from local people or tribal and, the smile of local  Chiang Mai people, Mountainous Landscape, the best place for Outdoor Activities. I hope to service you and help you make your memorable experiences, please contact us and plan your holiday.

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If you want to love Thailand more you must come to visit Chiang Mai with us!

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Tour, That Won't Disappoint You

Chiang Mai Off The Beaten Track Tours is awesome place for see local life style, amazing street food, culture of Chiang Mai people.

HD01: Private Tour Sunrise at Doi Suthep Temple, Doi Suthep Tour, Wat Pha Lat, Wat Umong or “Tunnel Temple” and include Khao soi test

Approximately 4-5 Hour
  • Sunrise at Doi suthep experience
  • Doi Suthep temple
  • Wat Pha lat temple
  • Wat Umoung
  • Khao Soi test
Please contact us for more info.
Contact us Please.

FD07 : Chiangrai One day Tour White Temple, Blue temple And the Black House

Approximately 9 - 10 Hours
  • Maekhajan Hot Springs
  • White temple or Wat Rong Khun
  • Local Thai Food Lunch
  • Black house (The house of National Artist Dr. Thawan Duchanee)
  • Blue temple ( beautiful Temple of Chiang rai
Please contact us for more info.
Contact us Please.

HD02 : Morning Alms Giving Ceremony, Doi Suthep Temple and Wat Pha Lat

Approximately 3-4 Hour
  • Food Offering for Monk
  • Doi Suthep temple
  • Wat Pha lat temple
Please contact us for more info.
Contact us Please.

We Are holiday maker.

Chiangmai private tour

Private Tour Chiangmai Thailand Company since 2015

We never think we are excellent tour company but we try to do our best for our client. And try to make client holiday is value for client's money. I will be your friend or your helper. I can advise you on many of the city's/region's We are always observing for a new interesting place and hidden treasures that are not listed in the guide books around northern Thailand. We always waiting for your email and help you make your holiday suite on you.
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